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O3 International Executive Meetings - Globally Integrated

How do you design your businesses and structure your financials to take advantage of capabilities located in other parts of the world? How to master conquest and loyalty in a strange culture? Which strategy work best? How to systematically evaluate potential geographic markets? How do you achieve the efficiencies of global brands, products and services while remaining locally relevant? Sourcing the appropriate input can create tremendous value. Learn new ways to know from the outside and take a chance to look at things from a different angle once. You can use our popular O3 Executive Meetings for brainstorming on a matter, discussing an issue or coaching – with focus on a certain topic, such as:

Continuous International Expansion

Get to know a practical, comprehensive model that will equip you with the know-how your firm needs to grow internationally. This Meeting will arm you with practical tools and information needed to develop a Strategy for Continuous Expansion - that delivers on a key measure — achieve sustainable global market penetration as fast as possible, not just market presence.


  • Systematization of Market Entry
  • Reactive or Proactive Approach to International Expansion
  • Expansion Model / Level of Expansion / Principles for Expansion
  • The Choice of Business Model
  • Export and Production Scenarios (SKD, CKD, CBU)
  • How to initiate and develop Continuous Expansion
  • Stages of Expansion
  • Expansion Planning and Control
  • Venture Planning and Control

Conversational partner: KOMPRENI Executive.
Duration:  1 day.
Date and Location: by arrangement.


International Sales: Establishment of an International Key Account Management (IKAM)

Learn how to increase Sales and Profits with Key Accounts efficiently through systemization and implementation of effective IKAM processes.


  • Why IKAM?
  • Framework and Elements of an IKAM
  • Organisation of an IKAM
  • IKAM Strategy
  • IKAM Performance Management

Conversational partner: KOMPRENI Executive.
Duration:  1 day.
Date and Location: by arrangement.


Cooperation Management in Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether “Buy and Build”, “Carve-Out”, “Equity or Cooperative Joint Venture” - international cooperation, acquisitions or mergers offer – often even after close consideration – a lot of tempting growth potential. But around 60 % of joint ventures and over 70 % of international mergers fail in the long-run or do not deliver the expected results. These costly experiences are avoidable! Learn how to find the right cooperation candidate, how to evaluate the success changes and the potential of a transaction in the run-up, how to manage the integration, and how to manage upcoming differences and conflicts in later stages.


  • Why Cooperation Management?
  • Criteria and Principles for Cooperation, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Model of Cooperation Competence
  • The Run-Up of a Transaction
  • The Cultural Due Diligence
  • Principles of successful Interaction
  • Effective managing Differences and Conflicts
  • Implementation of Cooperation Management

Conversational partner: KOMPRENI Executive.
Duration:  1 day.
Date and Location: by arrangement.


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