Becoming familiar with the "alien"
- the cultural peculiarities in East Asia


Region East Asia

Specifics of the following countries are covered:

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan, Macao


Hong Kong, China


It is best to practice a foreign language where it is spoken. A foreign culture is best studied and understood where it is lived. Therefore, we practice cultural specifics with you directly on site.


This seminar is based on the “intercultural driver's licence”. Solid knowledge of intercultural communication and a first sensitisation are the requirements for successful participation.

Who should participate?

You – as a manager, lawyer, physician, politician or diplomat who

  • spends a longer period of time in this region
  • frequently travels to this region
  • has frequent contact or works with people from this region
  • sustains contacts into this region
  • conducts negotiations or business deals with partners from this region
  • works with people from this region in geographic separation or virtually
  • plans market entry or company mergers in this region

You learn

  • to know and use the culture-specific map of this region
  • to assess the regional markets and peculiarities more clearly
  • to develop and maintain networks within this region in a sustained way
  • culture-specific, active listening
  • to assess culture-specific values and norms and prevalent behaviour more precisely
  • to know frequently occurring communication and negotiation styles
  • to know typical working and management styles
  • to know practical strategies for a wholesome cooperation with people from this region
  • to know the typical etiquette for private and business contexts
  • to know the peculiarities of written communication
  • to interpret the typical non-verbal communication behaviour
  • to better master suddenly occurring conflict situations
  • to fathom your own tolerance limits in culture-specific situations (don't worry – it sounds worse than it is!)
  • to assess more clearly the challenges you personally will encounter

In addition, with the course material you receive a detailed overview over

  • the economic, political and business environment
  • history, religions, languages, conventions and traditions
  • tips for “Dos and Don’ts”

of this region.

After this training, you are able to develop and use specialised active strategies for the encounter with people from this region. You can better understand people from the cultures of this region, you can communicate with them more successfully and you can better orientate yourself in the region.


3 days

Number of Participants:

A minimum of 10 participants

A maximum of 14 participants

Language of Training / of Course material:


Closing Date:

6 week before the training begins


This training is at the same time a continuation course to the “intercultural driver's licence”, which is often booked by teams. Therefore, please book your training for the basic course well ahead in time and secure your “driver's licence”!

Notes on seminar organisation can be found under FAQs & Notes.


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