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Joint Venture, Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers always are intercultural!

You know it yourself: Whether “Buy and Build”, “Carve-Out”, “Equity or Cooperative Joint Venture” - international cooperation, acquisitions or mergers offer – often even after close consideration – a lot of tempting potential.

Therefore, the early phases of most mergers and acquisitions are often marked by euphoria about the negotiated deal, high expectations and intense media attention. Yet, reality is all too often disappointing in the long-term.

The consideration of cultural aspects and the existence of intercultural competences are decisive success factors here – as numerous studies prove: Over 60 % of joint ventures, over 50 % of international negotiations and over 70 % of international mergers fail.

Nothing new to you: A transaction success begins in the run-up. But – the consequences of cultural aspects are enormously underestimated by most management teams and mostly not identified.

“Cultural Due Diligence” gives you a basis for evaluating the success chances previous to a transaction and a helpful support during implementation. Again, this implementation is dependent on the integration team's intercultural competence. After all, it has to achieve the task to get people to constructively work together in real practice in order to achieve the desired results. Here, the greatest challenges are in the cultural differences; differences both in organisation culture and in national culture. Important aspects here are values, norms and communication styles.

KOMPRENI is familiar with the typical challenges that can occur in international transactions. This training prepares you for the cultural change process and helps you “to evaluate the given ingredients and find the right recipe” - so that the desired outcome is achieved.

You learn

  • to identify and evaluate cultural aspects in enterprise appraisal through “Cultural Due Diligence”
  • to appraise more clearly the chances of success and the cultural potential of a future cooperation
  • to master the challenges of intercultural interplay
  • to shape cultural differences into a competitive advantage
  • to develop intercultural conscience in your integration team
  • to broaden your own cultural self-assurance and understanding of the other culture and at the same time support those involved
  • to build trust and solve conflicts in cross-cultural interactions
  • to develop intercultural competences within the organisation; this then subsequently profits from fresh perspectives and creative solutions, an increased agility and heightened innovation capability.

After this training, you will not only know how to avoid failure of mergers and acquisitions due to cultural differences, you will rather use the chance the transaction provides to effect a cultural change process. You can create a collective, new enterprise culture for sustained increase of competitive capability – far beyond the transaction's financial goals.

This training always is conducted by two top consultants. They convey to you their compacted experience in joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, in intercultural communication and change management to help you “to also find your recipe”.

Who should participate?

Managers of the highest level with responsibility for the transaction. This training often is booked by complete executive teams.


6 days

Number of Participants:

A minimum of 10 participants

A maximum of 14 participants

Language of Training / of Course material:


Closing Date:

6 weeks before the training begins


Notes on seminar organisation can be found under FAQs & Notes.