Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
and Important Notes

Conditions, Special Agreements, Information

Seminar Fees

You can find the respective seminar fees in the corresponding booking form in the seminar calendar.

Special Terms

Our trainings and trainers are first class and much sought after. The number of participants in our seminars is limited (minimum of 10, maximum of 14 participants). Only in this way can the participants in our seminars achieve best results. This explains our success. We want to continue to deliver top quality to our customers and be there for them. Unfortunately, there are not that many choice trainers available. Therefore, we cannot grow with demand without compromising our quality. Our first class capacities are scarce and restricted – our seminar capacities are limited. We want to treat all customers equally and fairly. Therefore, we do not grant individual special terms or rebates.

Terms of Payment

Please book your training via our partner for ticket management “amiando”and pay there with the modes of payment available. Notwithstanding, we accept prior payment via bank transfer only in the event of booking a complete training.

Exclusive Booking of a Training / Company Internal Training

You can exclusively book a complete training for your enterprise or organisation. In this case, please book the appropriate training complete with 14 participants. This is the only way to ensure your exclusivity. Seminars with less than 14 booked participants are not exclusive! You decide who is to participate in the pertinent seminar. Please understand that we cannot accept more than 14 participants in a seminar, as we cannot guarantee its quality and success if this number is exceeded.