Set for a course of expansion
- KOMPRENI grows: We are looking for the best – and have much to offer in return

Training Global Players – Building Global Leaders

Our core mission is supporting our clients to grow their business in new markets efficiently.

Discover diversity! At KOMPRENI you can be a trainer, mediator, coach, and consultant at the same time. With us, you will work on subjects you feel deeply about. KOMPRENI opens up to you a global scope of duties and gets you together with top people from many different industries and countries: Entrepreneurs, executives, lawyers, accountants, and diplomats, for whose projects your work is of great significance.

Within the KOMPRENI ACADEMY you coach responsible people from all over the world to increase their intercultural management competence or to prepare them in a targeted manner for their international, respectively global roles. You, too, further develop yourself and profit in this – by gathering new perspectives, new experiences and valuable contacts.

Here, you can actively create: We advise top enterprises from all industries as well as private and public institutions, strategy consultancies and private equity investors world-wide. KOMPRENI SERVICES accompanies projects in the following fields: international expansion, market entries,  culture-specific marketing, placement, merger & acquisitions, cooperation management and post merger intergration. With us, not only can you take over responsibility and make a difference – here, you have to.

In a team with the best: With us you will find a world-wide network of highly inspiring colleagues who know what they are talking about. They are connected by their curiosity and their broad spectrum of interest in everything from culture, social issues, economy to science. And: They all are passionate team players. To us, the human being is important. For it is each individual who makes KOMPRENI unique.

Go beyond limits! The possibilities are diverse – just as you desire it: As a “Globetrotter” you can cooperate on very short term in projects abroad or train our customers world-wide. Or you use our “Ambassador Ticket” and change continents every six months! Our “Global Leader Programme” offers long-term orientation to also include your family.

Use our flexibility for your own family and private interests! We are aware that private happiness is just as important as professional success. Therefore, we support you through manifold programmes, allowing work to be designed more flexibly. We offer you flexible part-time models and the option of unpaid sabbaticals. Or you can work as a freelancer in our KOMPRENI partner programme.

Set the course for your professional future. Make the next step with a strongly growing enterprise – you will be convinced by our partner model!