"It's character that creates impact"
– Do you agree?


Responsibility and learning

Would you agree that a consultant's personality is vital to the success of his or her work? That finding – and implementing – the best solutions takes the best consultants? Would you like to become one of those top-class consultants? Then we look forward to your application!

KOMPRENI offers you an experience that spans many industries, clients, and business issues with learning coming in all shapes and sizes, from intensive orientation programs to ongoing training and on-the-job apprenticeship. As an associate, you will be challenged to develop firsthand knowledge of clients’ critical business issues, building client-management, problem-solving and intercultural communications skills. You will be given ownership of significant segments of cases, as well as responsibility for supporting the broader problem-solving effort. You will conduct interviews with key market players and industry specialists and analyze clients’ challenges and issues. Your findings, and contributions to team discussions, will help deliver impact for clients.

KOMPRENI gives those associates who want to pursue an MBA the opportunity to do so and offers a generous sponsorship package to top performers.

How to Apply

Applications for positions in all of our offices are accepted online. You may apply to up to three offices simultaneously, and your application will be sent automatically to those offices you specify.

Our Career Path