A passion for consulting
- and for life


Living in the real business world!

Are you ready for a first self-assessment? Please answer our five key questions honestly:

  1. Successful consulting rests on two main strengths: the conceptual quality of the solution and the ability to implement it pragmatically. "Creative solutions that work!" are what we and our clients are looking for. Do you believe you cannot just develop "the most powerful engine but also put it on the road"?
  2. Really good solutions are always clear and creative solutions. Because creativity breaks the rules and gets people thinking out of the box. Clarity makes it perspicuous and convinces people. Conversely, every truly clear and creative solution must also be based on careful analytical research. Are you as thorough as you are creative?
  3. Working with clients and in project teams, you will encounter all kinds of different personalities and opinions. You will have to defend your findings even in critical discussions. Yet the people across the table will still expect you to be respectful and open to alternative solutions. Do you have the necessary sensitivity?
  4. Every company and organization wants to be successful. If they don’t, they fail and their competitors or opponents will succeed instead. This constraint is ever-present in our work. KOMPRENI has entrepreneurship in its DNA. Does the same apply to you?
  5. As a consultant, you will repeatedly be confronted by operational realities. To change them in order to shape new realities, you first have to identify and understand them, and second you have to rolling up your sleeves. Can you get excited about hard facts, harsh realities and “navigating in rough business environments”?

Done? All answered with a clear “Yes”? Then you have probably the necessary “consultant gene”.

Profound knowledge, convincing arguments and creativity that break the mould make for good consulting. When you join KOMPRENI, you have not arrived. You have only just started out. We will do everything we can to help develop your career. Yet you are the driver of your own personal trajectory. Your thirst for knowledge and understanding is unquenchable. You track, analyze and assess key cross-cultural, political, economic and social topics. You seize every opportunity to find out about all relevant tools. And you share what you know with colleagues, experts and clients.

You are encouraged to coach junior team members and serve as a thought partner to colleagues. As a consultant you will work closely with clients to develop deep understanding of cross-cultural issues, create strategies for change, secure clients’ buy-in to strategic solutions, and work alongside clients to make those solutions happen. You will have opportunities to participate in a variety of training programs to build your skills and network with your KOMPRENI colleagues. The company's diverse programs allow top performers to spend certain time working in another KOMPRENI office, to create a strong international network and promote knowledge sharing across KOMPRENI.

How to Apply

Applications for positions in all of our offices are accepted online. You may apply to up to three offices simultaneously, and your application will be sent automatically to those offices you specify.

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