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As a Manager you are a crucial member of the KOMPRENI management team. You are a trainer, mentor, mediator, coach and consultant at the same time. You train our client’s executives on senior level and you are responsible for project teams. Clients seek your advice on business issues that extend beyond the immediate scope of your project work, and you play a significant role in defining their agenda. As manager you have a seat and a voice at the leadership table.

You know how to view the entire field, to drive business decisions, and build the firm's assets. You are able to delegate and trust others, bringing out the best in your team members and all you interact with. Your bond with your team and your clients will go beyond projects, trainings or simple tasks, as they look to you for advice, leadership, and guidance.

Our managers also play critical leadership roles in their local offices, including the coordination of training, professional standards alignment and community service events, to name a few.

Within KOMPRENI, you will share key business insights to foster innovation, develop the company's business capabilities, and build the portfolio of business. As a manager, you will have a growing role in the management of the company, and you will link KOMPRENI's work across client projects to its broader business and strategic vision.

Outstanding experienced professionals, who have demonstrated success within industry, teaching or consulting, are invited to join KOMPRENI at the manager level.

How to Apply

Applications for positions in all of our offices are accepted online. You may apply to up to three offices simultaneously, and your application will be sent automatically to those offices you specify.

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