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We don’t just talk about partnership, we live it.

The best way to be successful is to do it together. One of our principles at KOMPRENI is to share knowledge and to help everyone learn from each other. It is precisely this team spirit which will lead you and us to greater things and better results. At the end of the day, helping each other is actually also more enjoyable – and we rate enjoyment highly.

Partners define the culture and identity of KOMPRENI, as well as helping to manage the firm. They are our intellectual leaders, bringing innovative business and strategic thinking to the company and its clients.

As a partner - you are an entrepreneur. You will drive KOMPRENI’s business, developing existing client relationships and forging new ones - influencing clients’ agendas, and delivering original solutions that make a real difference. You will not be satisfied with helping clients interpret the rules of the game. Instead you will show them how those rules can be rewritten. Your proven track record of leadership will inspire your teams, helping them to head in the right direction while you join with other KOMPRENI leaders to serve global clients across continents. Clients, consultants and trainers alike will respect you not only for your sound business instinct and judgment, but also your ability to lead, persuade, and make change happen.

KOMPRENI partners typically are chosen from within the company's managers group. On occasion, select outside professionals may be invited to join KOMPRENI at the partner level.

To be considered, you must have:

  • Demonstrated success in management consulting, foreign service, industry or training
  • Outstanding professionalism, leadership, intercultural and entrepreneurial skills
  • A proven track record of helping organizations make sustainable improvements in their international businesses
  • A substantial capability around developing long-term business and trusted, adviser relationship

How to Apply

The best way to apply is to use our online application .

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