Becoming a leader
- take on responsibility for your results and your team

Trainer / Project Leader

Learning to be a leader

As a KOMPRENI Project Leader, you are a manager in training. You manage entire projects and you become an expert on the cross-cultural impacts on management tasks. You recommend solutions that make a real impact and you train our client’s people and your colleagues. It's a great deal of responsibility.

Some key parts of your work include:

  • Developing communication and marketing strategies behind a client's new market entry, product launch or reorganisation
  • Preparing intercultural mergers and conducting cultural due diligences
  • Leading integration or change management teams
  • Building and developing leadership competences for international, respectively global roles – as well for our clients as for your colleagues
  • Developing active and creative global teams as well as productive virtual teams

You'll play a key role in influencing senior-level thinking and moving clients to action. You not only provide answers to questions but detail the implications of your decisions.

You learn to keep one eye on the big picture and the other on the details. You will provide intellectual leadership for the team and ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget, harnessing the team’s diversity to ensure the development of creative solutions to complex problems. You will give your team members formal and informal feedback and encourage them as they continue to develop their skills.

By managing the client relationship you ensure that the team exceeds the client’s expectations. You will also start to play a role in building the company by participating in recruiting campaigns, contributing to training programs, and writing for internal and external audiences.

Finally, you learn the countless nuances of effective global leadership. How to manage diversity? How to lead a team or an organisation to best results? How to navigate intercultural crossroads? As you grow as a Project Leader and Trainer, you'll learn the answers.

How to Apply

Applications for positions in all of our offices are accepted online. You may apply to up to three offices simultaneously, and your application will be sent automatically to those offices you specify.

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