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KOMPRENI's continued rapid growth demands that we attract exceptional people. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

At KOMPRENI, your potential is limited only by your talents and ambitions. Working with the world's leading businesses on their toughest communicational and organizational challenges, you will gain the experience to excel in the fields of intercultural communication. Within KOMPRENI or beyond, our people make a difference because of the global leaders they become while here.

As a new hire, you would typically join KOMPRENI as an associate or a consultant, depending on your academic qualifications and professional background. After gaining sufficient experience and expertise, your career path could lead to being a trainer and a project leader, later a top management trainer, and perhaps eventually a partner in our company.

When you join KOMPRENI as an experienced professional, you'll have the opportunity to drive meaningful client results alongside a talented and collaborative team of consultants, managers and partners who'll encourage your long-term success.

Your outstanding accomplishments will help you excel at KOMPRENI. They'll infuse your cases, projects or trainings with valuable insight and practical skill and allow you to achieve actionable results for your clients. At KOMPRENI, you'll build upon your capabilities and advance your skill set.

Experienced professionals with senior level experience in the management consulting industry should review the position of a partner.

If you have experience leading intercultural teams and working with senior clients within a major consulting firm or similar international business environment - like internal consulting or mergers & acquisitions - please review the manager role.

Applicants with roughly three to six years of successful international business, consulting or training experience are advised to review the consultant role or trainer / project leader role.

If you have fewer than three years of international consulting or training experience, please review the associate consultant role.

As an MBA or Master with business experience in the field of intercultural communication, you'll join KOMPRENI as a consultant.

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